Our Social and Labor Strategy and Social Compliance Policies

GÜVENÇ BOYA A.Ş., acting with the principles of “People First” and “Sustainable Production and Growth” at every stage of its activities, has adopted fulfilling its social responsibilities towards its employees, subcontractors, suppliers, society and environment as a management approach.

Our social and workforce strategy includes standards that we create by working as a team, based on our core principles and values, together with all our business partners. Our goal is to ensure that the Social Compliance Policy becomes a corporate culture within Güvenç Tekstil and to reduce the targets related to environmental and social issues that we have prepared on behalf of our company on time and at the desired rate. For this reason, social compliance standards, environmental targets and social workforce targets have been established and started to be implemented. In addition to creating products and services with these goals, it aimed to carry out these works within the framework of International law, ILO conventions and local laws. It undertakes to give all the rights of its employees, to comply with the rules of occupational health and safety, to be sensitive to the environment, to establish an open and honest communication, respect and value among the employees. Our work to be done within the company is announced to all our employees through trainings, our suppliers are informed and our suppliers are evaluated according to these criteria.

GÜVENÇ BOYA A.Ş. wants its subcontractors and suppliers to adopt the same approach and undertakes to fulfill the following in accordance with its Social Compliance approach:

Compliance with Legal and Other Conditions: GÜVENÇ BOYA A.Ş. aims to continue its activities in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations to which it is subject, the rules of customers and business partners, and voluntarily applied management system standards, and to act transparently, to provide accurate information and to cooperate in the audits of related parties. commits.

Policy for Preventing Child Labor and Combating Child Labor: GÜVENÇ BOYA A.Ş. does not employ child labor under any circumstances. It undertakes not to allow or support child labor. Recruitment requires the age of 18 and no application is accepted without verification. In addition, trainees cannot be employed without the approval of the relevant school.

Children, the poverty of their families, unemployment of their parents, the inability to continue their education life for various reasons, coming as refugees through domestic migration or due to war, terrorism, etc. may be directed to work with encouragement and demand. GÜVENÇ BOYA A.Ş. undertakes to notify that if the child worker applies for a job, it will not be possible to be recruited, to support the child to return to education, and to ensure that if there is an unemployed adult in his family, it will be employed within its own body or in a suitable workplace.

Policy on Protection of Young Workers: GÜVENÇ BOYA A.Ş. seeks to be over 18 years of age in recruitment and does not accept applications without verification. In addition, trainees cannot be employed without the approval of the relevant school. Knows and applies all legal regulations regarding the employment conditions of young workers.

Policy on Preventing Forced and Compulsory Labor: GÜVENÇ BOYA A.Ş. does not employ any of its employees under any pressure or based on debt, and undertakes to employ all its employees in appropriate positions with their consent, under equal conditions. Employment is done in full compliance with legal requirements. In the termination of the employment contract, the conditions defined in the Labor Law are fulfilled for the employer and the employee. It does not force it by holding the documents (identity, etc.) of its employees. Working overtime is voluntary, none of our employees are forced to work overtime. Our workplace prohibits all forms of forced labor, including prison work, apprenticeship contracts, bonded labor, military or slave labor, and any form of human trafficking.

Employment of Migrant / Foreign Workers on Equal Conditions and Prevention of Forced Labor Policy: GÜVENÇ BOYA A.Ş. undertakes to fulfill all relevant legal requirements in case it employs migrant / foreign workers. Migrant/foreign workers, like other workers, receive wages and other social benefits required by their work. Only copies of documents such as identity cards and passports are kept in the Personnel files, and their original documents are not confiscated in any way. Inhumane practices such as forced labor by keeping some of the wages or documents are not allowed. Employment contracts are drawn up in the native language of the worker. Indigenous migrant workers who have come to Turkey and have passed on to Turkish citizenship after meeting the necessary conditions will also be employed in the recruitment process and in all processes within the scope of their contracts, without discrimination and in accordance with the legal regulations.

Policy for Ensuring Occupational Health and Safety: GÜVENÇ BOYA A.Ş. provides all its employees, subcontractors, interns with an adequately equipped working environment where legal requirements for occupational health and safety are fulfilled, all preventive measures are taken to prevent work accidents and occupational diseases and undertakes to provide all kinds of hygienic facilities to meet their basic needs. Elected Employee Representatives participate in occupational health and safety activities and decision processes and fulfill their legal duties, responsibilities and authorities.

Working Hours and Overtime Policy: GÜVENÇ BOYA A.Ş. Working and resting hours of employees and subcontractors are regulated in accordance with the Labor Law No. 4857. It undertakes to comply with the laws and obligations in force in determining working and rest hours, weekly and annual leaves and on voluntary basis in overtime.

Wages, Payments and Fair Remuneration Policy: GÜVENÇ BOYA A.Ş. fully provides all its employees with wages and social rights determined within the framework of the law. No deductions are made except for the deductions permitted by legal conditions. No employee is paid below the minimum wage. Overtime payments are paid in accordance with legal requirements. GÜVENÇ BOYA A.Ş., in accordance with its policy of “equal pay for equal work” and fair wage payment, to calculate the fair living wage / to determine the fair wage calculated by the state, unions or non-governmental organizations nationally or regionally, no matter what, no employee. undertakes not to pay below the minimum wage.

The Policy of Establishing and Maintaining a Fair Working Environment and Regular Employment: GÜVENÇ BOYA A.Ş. aims to employ all its employees for many years. Creating and maintaining a fair working environment for our employees is one of our top priorities. It is aimed to create a fair, respectful, healthy and safe working environment in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, and thus to increase the success, development and loyalty of the employees to the company. Each hired personnel signs the employment contract, which is prepared in writing and includes mutual responsibilities.

Domestic Workers Protection Policy: GÜVENÇ BOYA A.Ş. does not use housework. If it does, it will take the necessary measures to ensure that the rights of domestic workers are fully received and protected.

Policy of Prevention of Discrimination in Recruitment: GÜVENÇ BOYA A.Ş., especially T.C. In accordance with the Constitution, ILO conventions and the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, in recruitment, candidates should not, in any way, include language, religion, race, gender, social class, political opinion, sexual orientation, pregnancy, marital status, age, union membership and physical / does not evaluate according to characteristics such as mental disability. The requirements of the job and the individual competence characteristics of the applicant (education, education, experience and personal characteristics) are taken into account and the recruitment decision is made accordingly. Job-related questions are asked to the applicant, Elisa Test (HIV Test), Pregnancy Test etc. are not requested.

Policy of Prevention of Discrimination During the Works: GÜVENÇ BOYA A.Ş., especially T.C. In accordance with the Constitution, ILO conventions and the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, no language, religion, race, gender, social class, political opinion, employees are allowed during the working period, during the wage increase, promotion, rewarding, performance evaluation and termination / retirement stages. does not evaluate according to characteristics such as sexual orientation, pregnancy, marital status, union membership and physical / mental disability. The employee’s competence (education, education, experience and personal characteristics) and performance are taken into account. Pregnancy test, Elisa Test (HIV Test) is not requested from the employees.

Gender Equality in the Workplace and Women’s Rights Policy: It covers occupational health and safety, representation, career, development, equal pay for equal work in women’s workplaces. Within the scope of this study, it is aimed to identify and eliminate gender pay gaps, increase the role of women in decision-making in leadership positions, raise awareness about sexual and gender-based harassment in the workplace and eliminate it, and ensure the use of inclusive and non-sexist communication within and outside the company.

Prevention of Maltreatment, Violence, Bullying and Harassment Policy: GÜVENÇ BOYA A.Ş. does not make corporate punishments, ill-treatment and physical / verbal abuse to its employees; undertakes to protect from ill-treatment and harassment, and to behave in a humane, respectful and dignified manner. Disciplinary actions such as torture, mental or physical coercion or verbal attacks or disciplinary pay cuts are strictly prohibited.

Open Communication, Receipt of Wishes and Complaints Policy: GÜVENÇ BOYA A.Ş. has the necessary tools to convey to its employees who have complaints, suggestions or requests regarding working conditions.

Right to Organize and Collective Bargaining Policy: GÜVENÇ BOYA A.Ş. undertakes to respect its employees’ right to organize and collective bargaining. Workers’ representatives have the right to freely exercise their duties. It supports respecting the representation rights of the employees and their ability to express themselves.

Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy: GÜVENÇ BOYA A.Ş. undertakes not to accept any bribes and / or commissions to provide unfair benefits, to accept any gifts and payments of material value under any circumstances, and not to make such demands. Any behavior that provides unfair personal advantage is not tolerated in GÜVENÇ BOYA A.Ş. It is strictly forbidden to receive and give any material that can be considered as a bribe. Our records are kept in accordance with legal requirements. Our basic principles are to act transparently and to provide accurate information in all audits.

Privacy Policy: GÜVENÇ BOYA A.Ş. maintains the confidentiality of intellectual and material assets of its customers, all information that can be considered as trade secrets, personal data of its customers and business contacts, and prevents accidental / knowing disclosure. In addition, the personal data of our employees and subcontractors are also protected in accordance with the relevant legal requirements. Our policies on the protection of personal data and our clarification text are accessible to all our stakeholders on our website.

Environmental Protection and Ensuring Continuity Policy: It is aimed to leave a livable clean environment to future generations by complying with all environmental laws and regulations in order to reduce the consumption of natural resources, use energy efficiently, reduce pollution, implement waste management and ensure its continuity. GÜVENÇ PAINT A.Ş. explains its commitments with Y1 K08 Environment, Energy and Water Policy and Y1 K11 Wastewater Policy.

Traceability of Production and Policy of Working with the Right Suppliers and Subcontractors: GÜVENÇ BOYA A.Ş. undertakes to take the commitments of the supplier companies it works with for their compliance with social compliance issues, to evaluate them in terms of social compliance, to monitor the evaluation results with an action plan, and to gradually increase their social compliance levels.

Safe Product Usage Policy: While performing its activities, GÜVENÇ BOYA A.Ş. evaluates the effects of all chemical substances it uses on health, safety and the environment and undertakes to use the safest product where technically possible. GÜVENÇ PAINT A.Ş. explains its commitment with its Y1 K07 Chemical Policy.

Employee Training Policy: GÜVENÇ BOYA A.Ş. provides all its employees with rights, responsibilities, duties and authorities, working style and rules of the company, quality, social compliance, environment, occupational health and safety, energy, information security, personal development etc. educates on the subject. The development of employees is seen as the development of the company.

Customer Focus Policy: GÜVENÇ BOYA A.Ş. undertakes to meet the needs and expectations of its customers on time and in the most accurate way, to use the most appropriate communication channels, and to offer products and services for many years.

Feedback Policy: In order to provide good feedback, issues such as the functioning of the work, increasing the motivation of the employees and improving the work are taken into consideration. Decisions taken regarding the work and the decisions to be taken afterwards are made by considering the feedback.